A Confession: I’m the Least Stylish Pink Mitten Gal

Posted on Jan 22 2014 - 3:14pm by Ronnie


There – I said it!

Rachel and Shiri were always the more fashion-forward, chic sisters. Meanwhile, I always felt like I was a combination of misfit and color blind.

As a child and teen, I just depended on my mom to pick out my clothes. I couldn’t be bothered picking clothes out myself because I just absolutely hated shopping. I think a big part of that was me being overweight and living in a place where it was hard to find clothes my size. At some point, I just lost hope and despaired!

My mom didn't always make good decisions with my outfits.

My mom didn’t always make good outfit decisions.

Only when I grew up and gained some confidence, did I start liking how clothes looked on me. But even today, I’m ages behind my sisters. They understand fashion to a point that I have difficulty comprehending: layering, matching, accessorizing… to them, it’s basic. To me, it’s quantum physics, and I’m pretty sure I have a better understandinng quantum physics.

So collaborating on this blog, to me, is more than just a fun joint venture with my sisters. It’s about learning and evolving my personal style. It’s about understanding how I can improve my personal look. It’s about gaining confidence in how I look, how I dress, how I feel. 

I think this is the right project to move forward in developing my style, and hopefully, I can see it evolve as we move forward. 🙂

Much love! xoxo

*Thank you to FreePik for the featured image.

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