8 Amazing Benefits of Kratom Tea

Posted on Jun 10 2017 - 9:08pm by Ronnie

Have you heard about Kratom Tea? I’m asking, because with all honesty – I didn’t hear about it until a month ago when I read an interesting article about it.

It’s very popular in Southeast Asia. I was shocked when I read about all the benefits it brings.

I did some studying and found out about all the great benefits to Kratom – these are the most interesting!

Pain relief

One of the amazing benefits that Kratom brings is being a painkiller. Amazing, isn’t it?

It works similar to opiate pain medication, but without the addictive component – Kratom Tea is much safer to use.

The tea is even used to overcome opiate addiction. If you ask me, I am so impressed with the many benefits of this plant!

Immune system booster

A lot of independent studies have found that Kratom Tea can strengthen and greatly improve the immune system.

There is still a lot of research being done on this topic, but so far it has proven to bring amazing benefits.

Who wouldn’t want to boost his immune system? Reducing chances of catching a cold just by drinking tea is worth a try!

Energy booster

Do you lack energy? You want to lay off the caffeine-full coffee or energy drinks?

Make yourself a Kratom Tea, which is proven to boost metabolic processes and hormone levels. It also improves blood circulation, which results in more oxygen being transported.

So many health benefits in just simple leaves!

Sexual stimulant

To be honest, I never would have thought that tea can influence sexual desires.

Kratom leaves are known to boost your sexual libido and fertility. Thanks to better circulation and more oxygen being transported your libido and fertility improves!

Anxiety and Mood swings

As far as I’m concerned, this is the most important benefit to Kratom tea.

Kratom leaves are used for people who suffer from anxiety, mood swings and a lot of other disorders.

It acts similar to opium, regulating hormones levels and metabolic processes which greatly helps in many diseases and is a great natural alternative to medicine, for those who prefer to avoid them.

Addiction recovery

In areas that Kratom leaves are very popular, there are a lot of people addicted to opium.

There are studies that show that Kratom has a similar effect to opium, which helps addicts fight their addiction.

Obviously, the effect of Kratom is much weaker compared to opium, so it still depends on a person, but it has helped a lot of people so far.

Heart Health

Kratom brings benefits to your heart by increasing blood circulation and regulating hormones levels and also helps in preventing even serious heart conditions like heart attack or strokes.

Kratom can help reduce blood pressure, which could be significant for people with high blood pressure overall.


Are you diabetic? If you are then Kratom may help!

Alkaloids found in Kratom leaves are found to play a big role in regulating glucose and insulin levels. Unfortunately, not many studies were conducted to have conclusive data.

Please Note

Just like with everything, you still have to remain cautious and be wary of any dangers it could bring. Kratom has been officially banned in Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar due to people abusing it. No matter how many health benefits it brings, it still works similar to opium, so you can get addicted in the long-term. Another very important thing that people tend to forget is doses. It is recommended to use from 1g to 5g (low dose) and from 5g to 15g (moderate dose). Exceeding 15 grams could be very dangerous though, and everyone who is relatively new to this plant should start with lowest possible doses.

**This content was written using online research. I am not a health professional and the content cannot be taken as medical advice. Please consult with a professional before making any decisions on using Kratom.

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