A Compilation of Creative Goodies I Want For My Home – Part 1

Posted on Oct 3 2015 - 10:51pm by Ronnie

Disclosure: The last two links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase on their site, I make a commission, so thanks!

For the past few years, I’ve been bookmarking all these fun gadgets and decorations that I really loved and would like to buy for my home. Nowadays, I just pin these finds straight to my Pinterest because there’s no better place to keep tabs on them. Today I was cleaning out my bookmarks and I came upon these awesome items that I had completely forgotten about. I still want them all!

Pens that look like grass!

These are pens… pens that look like grass – for real! I want these for my desk. They are both a decoration and practical. Only downside is that they’re $5 a piece and you need to combine quite a few to create this look. Check ’em out here.

Actually, I like a lot of this company’s products. They are a creative bunch.




Leaf bookmark

Just look at this little green leaf bookmark and tell me you don’t want it, too.  Ironically this tiny thing costs more than the pens featured above, at $6. But.. worth it, because it looks like a leaf is growing out of your book. ‘Tis here.






Salt & Pepper shakers shaped like magic wands

Salt & pepper shakers in the shape of magic wands. Love it, need it. They are apparently sold out right now… Take a look at the sales page if you’re interested. Maybe they will be in stock again.







Electronic butterfly in a jar

It’s a butterfly! NO! It’s actually an electronic butterfly in a jar. 😮 It flutters and looks 100% like a real butterfly. Here it is in a Youtube video proving how real it looks. I’d really like it for parties at my place. It’s currently $9.99 and worth the cost as a conversation starter!
Found here.





Cat DJ Scratching Deck

If you have a cat, you want this as bad as I do. I don’t even own a cat.

But if I did, he’d rock it like this one. Available in the UK here, not sure where elsewhere.






Heart-shaped straws


Apparently I was feeling romantic when I bookmarked these. They are a super cute addition to any party though! I might buy them for the kicks…

They are about 7gbp for 20 straws (probably original ‘brand’) or if you’re a cheap-o like me, I found them at Aliexpress for $20 for 500 straws.



And finally… I saw this Sand item last year and I couldn’t stop watching their video… I don’t know if it was the comedy or the actual product (probably both!).  Watch it – you won’t regret it. Now you want this, too. (BTW, VAT19 has AWESOME items all around)

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