Awesome Carpets and Rugs Every Geek Needs

Posted on Aug 27 2015 - 11:17am by Ronnie

Awesome Carpets and Rugs Every Geek Needs @pink_mitten #geekrugs #geek #geekhome

One way to satisfy your apartment needs and calm the inner (or the outer) geeky you, is getting that extra addition to your home décor to amplify and upgrade your cool-ish nerdy abode.

With the design of each carpet having its own theme and specificity, it will be much easier to decorate your apartment with these carpets and rugs once you’ve settled with a theme.

Here are some fun and geeky carpets that will add that special touch of geek personality to your home!

Galactic Carpet

Galactic Carpet as featured on #geekrugs #geekhhomeImage source

Ever wondered how the galaxy will look inside your apartment? Adding a touch of the Asgardian night sky to your home has never been easier with this space galactic carpet! This floor rug designed by David Schönen and Nadja Stäubli (which are known for their scenic rugs) easily attracts any person’s attention.

Nintendo Game Controller Rug

Nintendo Carpet (Featured on #geekrugs #geekhhomeImage source

What gamer’s theme room would be complete without this classic Nintendo Video Game Controller rug? This Nintendo controller rug takes us back to the classic definition of being a gamer. Plus, it practically screams childhood memories, am I right? This is for all those awesome gamers whose motto is: “Video games are my life!”

Atari Pong Doormat

Pong Mat (Featured on #geekrugs #geekhhomeImage source:

Wouldn’t it be a great addition to your home if you have this retro-styled doormat with an Atari Pong design? It’s a great way to welcome gamer friends who will appreciate this blast-t0-the past of the good old days of Atari.


Tardis Rug (Featured on #geekrugs #geekhhomeImage source

This rug is made especially for all of you Doctor Who fans! This bright bluish rug will definitely be a good addition to your time travel themed bedroom.

Wampa Rug

Wampa Rug (Featured on #geekrugs #geekhhome #starwarsImage source

Trying to be Luke Skywalker? Then this is a perfect decoration to showcase to your fellow rebel alliance! This rug is skinned from a vicious Wampa, a snow beast, which can be found in the mountain caves of Hoth.

Space Invaders Tatami Mat

Space Invaders Rug (Featured on #geekrugs #geekhhome Image source

Tatami mats are quite popular in Japanese culture. Space Invaders, even more so! A combination of both and then you will have this awesome Space Invaders Tatami mat! Space Invaders is considered to be the game that which revolutionized the video game industry

Pacman Carpet

Pacman Rug (Featured on #geekrugs #geekhhomeImage source: OhGizmo

This is one is another classic that you shouldn’t miss out on! The Pacman carpet is a great addition to suit your geeky needs. This wool carpet is comfortable enough to lie on, which makes it perfect for placement in the center of a room. It’s hangout with friends and families for movie nights and gamer’s parties.

Tetris Rug

Tetris Rug (Featured on #geekrugs #geekhhome Image source

Tetris is a Russian tile matching puzzle game that basically gives us a nostalgic feeling of our childhood. All the more reason to have this as an essential to your home geeky decorations! Its simple light hues can be easily matched with a minimalist type of setting.

Taking Care of your Rug

If you’re buying one of these unique rugs, you need to take extra good care of them. Doormats and rugs need regular maintenance since they receive a lot of foot traffic, and let’s face it – you don’t want to ruin a unique piece like the rugs featured above.

Here are some ways to keep your rugs clean and in good shape:

  1. Have them professionally cleaned.
  2. DIY cleaning solution: soak in equal parts water & vinegar.
  3. Vacuum the rug habitually, especially during hotter months when you leave windows open.
  4. Dampen a cloth with cleaner or stain remover. lay the cloth on the carpet for about an hour. Blot the damp area with a dry cloth.

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