About Us

Welcome to Pink Mitten ~ a collaborative geek chic blog based on our love for fashion, beauty, crafts, wedding goodies and all that is beautiful in the world.

Our goal? To inspire you by featuring all sorts of chic ideas, recipes, crafts, fashion or hair tutorials. Basically, we love everything that is geek chic.


Why “Pink Mitten” ( Pink Mitten logo @pinkmitten.com ) ?

It’s Mario’s mitten – in pink!

As a kid, I loved playing Nintendo, learning HTML and spending my days at the library. I was a geek long before it was ‘in’.

I’m also a faithful Nintendo girl… nothing so far beats the wonders of Ocarina of Time, Mario Bros 1 on Nintendo, or Pokemon Red. So it’s fitting that if the site is all about geek chic, it should have one of the main symbols of Nintendo – Mario’s “V” sign, but in pink *of course*.

Welcome to my chic corner of the internet. 🙂

Fortunately, we chic geeks live in a great era – a time when we can express our geekiness with pride, and find the most fashionable ways to display it.

Enjoy your stay & share in my chic geekdom!

Meet the Blogger

roHi! I’m Pink –  a long time, proud geek! While my sisters were always the feminine, sweet, well-tempered kids, I was the Nintendo-fan, obsessive book reader and wielder of the Thundercats sword.

Here are a few things about me:

Pink Mitten logo @pinkmitten.com  I love everything geek chic.
Pink Mitten logo @pinkmitten.com  I love multi-colored hair and have dyed my hair all colors of the rainbow.
Pink Mitten logo @pinkmitten.com  I’m currently a software engineering student. I’m specializing in web and mobile app development.
Pink Mitten logo @pinkmitten.com  I’m an avid cosplayer, although I’m not nearly as talented as I would like, and I hate the attention it brings me at events (I can’t act & I’m too shy!)
Pink Mitten logo @pinkmitten.com  I’m constantly blown away by the amazing creativity of fellow geeks.

The Regular Guest poster

shiriI’m Shiri, Super Ro’s younger sister. I’m the type of girl who wears leggings, crop tops, tank tops, beanies and boots. I also love adding my own personal style to clothes, doing everything from cutting the pieces to creating new designs.

My style consists mostly of a typical “tumblr girl”: it’s comfortable while still in style and looks amazing. I’m also called a “hipster” (especially by my sisters) due to the way I dress. Looking for a chilled teenage look is everything I’m about and it’s a fact that fashion is my life.



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