Religion and What It Gives to the World

Posted on Jun 10 2020 - 3:54pm by Ronnie

Religion has been around for centuries and will always be the backbone of communities around the world. It provides support and guidance to those without supportive networks and contributes to the wellbeing of the surrounding area.

There are certain aspects of all religions that are misunderstood or that have been adjusted over time and can sometimes feel seemingly out of place in modern society.

However, it’s not difficult to look beyond the negativities and enjoy the wonders that religion has encouraged through the years:

Charitable Drives

There is no doubt that religious groups provide a huge amount of donations and support for charities in need. This is particularly noticeable around religious holidays such as Ramadan and Christmas when religious members are encouraged to give generously to help those in need.

Even providing resources such as zakat calculators, support, and toy and gift drives that make it easier for individuals to work out their contributions or give during their weekly shopping trip.

Incredible Art

Many non-religious artists in the world have been credited with creating astoundingly beautiful works of art, however, some of the most treasured works of art in history were influenced or inspired by religious texts.

The Creation of Adam and The Last Supper are possibly the most famous, created by Michelangelo and Da Vinci respectively. However, you’ll also hear people talking about paintings including Dali’s Christ of Saint John of the Cross and Raphael’s Transfiguration when asked about their favourites.

Guidance and Support

As mentioned before, religious groups are highly respected for the support they offer to those that may not have friends and family around them. This includes those who have fallen on hard times, individuals that are homeless, families that are struggling to stay afloat and people at the end of their rope.

Churches and religious buildings open their doors to provide shelter when the outside temperatures fall life-threateningly low and even organise fundraisers that can provide the hungry with food and the cold with clothing to see them through the winter.

Religious groups can be the saving light for the elderly who have nowhere else to turn, having been separated or estranged from their family and are in desperate need of social opportunities. Especially during the winter months, when those most vulnerable are at greater risk.

Hope in the Face of Fear

There are certain aspects of the world even science can’t answer.

While religious texts don’t have the evidence to back up their statements regarding some of the world’s greatest mysteries including “what is the meaning of life?” and “what happens after we die?”, they do provide a sense of calm towards the unknown.

It also helps those that struggle to get past the fear of questions like these feel there is resolution and live a less stressful life without life-interrupting concern for what comes next.

Religion can act as a therapy for many people, particularly those in countries where healthcare isn’t readily available or of high quality, and seeing a professional counselor is outside the means of affordability.

Whether you have religious beliefs, or you are atheist or agnostic, there is no denying that religion has bought plenty of culture to the modern world and provides an in-depth topic of conversation that has produced some interesting texts and talks over the years.

The next time you find yourself with a moment to spare, read up on the religions in the world today and the similarities between these and religions that are no longer actively practiced.

It’s a fascinating subject that will open your eyes to how people see the world differently and help you better understand those who have a strong attachment to their religion.

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