DL-Phenylalanine – How it Works & Its Benefits

Posted on Apr 3 2016 - 3:20pm by Ronnie

Today we are a society of fast paced go-getters. We work overtime, eat on the fly or eat fast food for convenience, and do not get the rest we need. All this contributes to an unhealthy balance in our bodies. Sometimes we try to make time to hit the gym to get in the physical benefits, but that does not aid the nutritional void we are creating with such a hectic lifestyle. A poor balance of nutrients can affect us in many ways. Our bodies cannot recover from pain as well as they once could and depression is on the rise. What can we do?


Supplement Benefits

When you are burned out at work and it seems like you are just spinning your wheels, depression is the most likely culprit. The good news is that you can actively do something about it. More and more, people are turning toward dietary supplements to renew nutrients we are draining from our system. This is evidenced by the wild popularity of nutrition sites around the web. One addition you can make to your daily routine is adding DL-Phenylalanine (DLPA). This is an amino acid that the body does not naturally produce. We usually take in DLPA in protein rich foods like fish and meat and dairy products. The health benefits gained are extensive and it has been used by professionals for years. It has been credited in aiding in weight loss, quitting smoking, helping with ADD, easing arthritis and even assisting in reducing the symptoms of withdrawal in recovering alcoholics.

How It Works

DL-Phenylalanine is taken into the system after being broken down in the stomach; it goes through the intestines to the liver. From the liver, it is passed into the blood stream and taken to the brain where it helps produce dopamine which elevates mood. It also blocks certain pain-producing proteins common in conditions like chronic muscle pain and arthritis. In certain studies, it has even been shown to improve concentration levels and focus in ADHD patients but without lasting results after stopping treatment. This means the benefits are significant but also temporary indicating the treatment has to be ongoing to provide lasting advantages.

What to Be Aware Of

One main point to keep in mind is that as an amino acid, it will try to overcome other amino acids in the system. It is recommended that it be taken on an empty stomach. This ensures it is the only thing in the system and maximizes benefits. It is also recommend it be taken in association with B-vitamins and vitamin C to help the body absorb the amino acid. As with any supplement, you should be aware of any side effects, but with DLPA it is imperative that you know cancer patients should not take it. Certain types of cancers use the amino acid to grow and spread. It is also recommended that it be avoided by patients with high blood pressure. Other side effects can include headaches, dizziness, constipation and nausea. In general, if you decide to add this to your regiment, simply be aware of side effects. If you tolerate it well, it can be greatly beneficial to you instead of taking pricey prescription drugs. Providing key nutrients and mental health benefits, it is an excellent ally in combating day to day nutritional neglect.

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