5 On the Run Hairstyles

Posted on Nov 14 2014 - 1:44pm by Shiri

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter what you have to do in the morning, waking up early to get ready is a pain! So I found a few easy hairstyles that look amazing. We all know the basic styles but do you know how to make them look fancy and better?

1)The easiest hair style is a ponytail and we all know this… but what about adding a twist? All you have to do is make a relaxed ponytail and flip the hair through the middle… and VOILA!

This quick and easy ponytail looks amazing and is in style! Source: here

2) Next is a braid! The one and only FISHTAIL BRAID! This one might take some getting used to and some practice , but after a while it’s amazingly easy and looks incredible!

Here is a picture showing how to create this amazing braid! Source: here

3) This hairstyle is so easy even a little girl can copy it. It’s called the tuck and cover. It’s so simple and looks so pretty!

Tuck and cover! Keeping the hair out of your face in style! Source: here

4) This look is basically the classical bun but with a lovely and easy twist. It’s called a sock bun! It’s basically created with a sock! It’s so easy and it looks so much harder to create then it really is!

So easy and so cute! Source: here

5) This last look is my all time favorite! The easiest way for me to go out without much trouble and hairstyling is using a beanie! Beanies are perfect for more relaxed days and they make outfits look so much more casual… (The only problem is it can’t be worn with everything)

The best part is that beanies can always match the color of your outfit! Source: here

What’s your favorite on the go hairstyle?

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