From Curls to Straight

Posted on Dec 23 2014 - 4:53pm by Shiri

From Curls to Straight


Confession! My hair is actually naturally curly… but I hated it so much that I had it permanently straightened.

I don’t regret it because now I can actually have my hair which ever way I want, and in the morning I only towel dry my hair.

Truthfully, sometimes I do curl my hair just for a change in my look, but because I never had the perfect curls to begin with, the curls never looked as good as it does today with a curling iron.

I’m so happy with my hair now and I never want to go back to curls….. It was a pain! It just looked so bad! The worst part about getting my hair chemically straightened is the hours it took at the hair salon… but it was totally worth it.

My hair before I got it straighten

My hair in it’s natural state… (Yes, complete chaos)

Like I said my hair has never looked so good and so in control! I love it!

my hair after I got it straighten

My hair after the straightening

If you are looking into getting your hair permanently straightened and you are scared, take my word for it – it’s not so  bad! Just be careful where you have it done; make sure the place is solid, has a good reputation, experienced and that they do the process correctly!

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