4 Nail Trends that are Here to Stay

Posted on Jul 5 2019 - 8:59pm by Ronnie

What is it about nail trends that has fashionistas so constantly excited? For me, it’s the limitless creativity. There is no more amusing, commitment-free way to express oneself than through nail art.

We can do feminine, detailed, funny, creative, or unique designs – and yet, there are still hundreds of other nail art concepts left to explore.

Today’s trends are all about expressing the best version of yourself and exploring what makes YOU excited.

With that said here are the 4 hottest trends that are sure to stick around, so enjoy them and wear them out!

1) The Femme Fatale Look of Acrylic Powder Nails

Acrylic nails are a godsend to those of us who can’t grow out our nails. Personally, I endure this problem frequently as I have to keep my natural nails short to avoid breakage.

Acrylic powder to the rescue! This product makes nails look glamorous, long and strong: the ultimate feminine nail aesthetic.

Applying acrylic nails is also relatively easy, especially with practice and following a descriptive tutorial.

The powder is mixed with a liquid which combines to create a ‘blob’ of dough. Apply the material onto your nail with a brush and softly shape it using the brush. You can use nail forms to help mould the acrylic into the desired form.

Once satisfied with the shape, place it under a UV light or air-dry it. The nail will harden and with a little sanding, will look as real as if you grew it out yourself.

Of course, you can top it off with colour or artistic design to complete the look.

2) Nail Artistry Worthy of Art Museums

Every artist has his canvas and nail artists are no different. Today, nail artists are outdoing themselves with their workmanship.

Instagram brought an onslaught of nail artists inspiring each other while competing for followers and likes. The creativity has no limit as artists try to outdo one another while also coming up with artistic concepts that attract followers.

Of course, they also do it for the love of art and they display their incredible talent and creativity in their feeds. With so much inspiration, the level of talent grows by the day.

Plus, there are so many step-by-step tutorials out there, that more and more skilled nail artists are learning how to create tasteful, beautiful, artistic designs on nails.

It’s an exciting time for those of us who love to see the creative thinking behind artists and of course, wear it out ourselves!

3) Mismatched Colour Tones

It almost seemed like an unwritten rule that our nails had to be perfectly matched: same colour, same tone and same design.

Well, consider that a trend of the past! Today, people are enjoying the creative freedom of unique designs and colours, even if each nail is completely different in look. Mismatched is the new black.

Whether you want a different pattern, sticker or even shade for every individual nail or to make one nail stand out from the rest, everything goes.

The concept here is limitless: you can chose to be minimalist with the mismatching or go all the way.

One of my latest favourites is this this neat minimalist mismatched French manicure where each nail has a different-coloured French tip – so chic!

 4) Express Your Inner Geek

Geek is so in right now – we would know. J

Express your inner geek through your nails. Whether its Super Mario designs, Harry Potter, Star Wars, PacMan or constellations across our sky, you can find inspiration all across the internet.

You can often find online tutorials that explain step-by-step how you too can create these geek chic nails.

If you need some inspiration to get you going, Pinterest is the best starting point for anything geek-related.

I’ll be painting on this Pikachu design soon enough!

What do you think of these nail trends? Share with us below!

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