Match the Watch: Accessorizing Tips from Switzerland’s Luxury Watchmakers

Posted on Oct 5 2015 - 9:07pm by Ronnie

I’ve always been fascinated by the beautiful intricacies of Swiss luxury watches. The components all work together so perfectly to create a flawless piece of art. Not to mention – they can change an outfit from drab to fab with ease. There is no comparison to the chic sophistication of a beautifully designed luxury watch and what it can do for a look, regardless of the event.

As we fashionistas know, accessorizing is an art-form. It takes a keen eye to understand how to match accessories to garments, hairstyle and makeup in a way that creates a pleasing aesthetic. There’s a reason why there are “Hot or Not” shows and magazine features that display fashion fails and blunders, and that’s because being on-spot with fashion trends and looks is not as easy as it looks.

That’s why picking the perfect watch to match a look needs to be a thoughtful decision based on an understanding of aesthetics and accessorizing.

To help you out, here’s a short guide to matching watches for each type of occasion:

Very Elegant

Elegant outings such as weddings, gala events, or formal parties require a sophisticated attire from head to toe. Every piece of the look should aim to create an air of sophistication and grace. In this case, the best watch to match the look will likely be one of the finer-designed watches by Swiss luxury designers. These watches tend to feature a simpler design with delicate additions of femininity, such as the Mathieu Legrand watch featured below.

Very Casual

Sometimes, an elegant looking watch does not fit the part for regular day-to-day routine tasks or simpler events. They may coordinate beautifully with a long dress, but less so with a more casual jean and jacket look. For these cases, we recommend looking into wearing a more playful watch that looks more casual and thus fits the part. This can often be as simple as wearing a watch with leather straps as opposed to stainless steel.

Time Floats by Watch by Olivia Burton

Time Floats by Watch by Olivia Burton

Very Sporty

Ladies, we all want to look hot at the gym, but wearing a luxurious Swiss watch to your workouts is a big no-no. Between the sweat and oils from your skin and the potential for unfortunate scratches or damage, your elegant watch needs to remain off your wrist during your workouts. Instead, opt for a watch that is made to fit the role. Watches with water resistance are a great option and plastic bands can handle the sweat and oil. It’s not the most fashionable look to sport, but it keeps your wrist and your watch protected.

Helpful resources

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  • If it’s your man who needs help, this Reddit thread has it covered better than any other article.
  • If you want to keep one watch for each occasion but change the straps, here’s a handy tutorial on how to do it safely.
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  1. Lisa Brower October 6, 2015 at 12:18 pm -

    I am not a watch person, bit I do like to wear one, on occasion just for a decorative piece, and those are some nice looking watches! I actually really like that last one!

  2. Myrah Falco Duque October 6, 2015 at 5:09 pm -

    I used to wear tons of different style watches and those made in Switzerland were my preferred. That one from Mathieu Legrand is gorgeous!

  3. Michele October 6, 2015 at 7:20 pm -

    I have not put a watch on since I am now semi retired!! I used to wear one every day–usually the same one!! I probably should have had several!!

  4. Hopscotch N Jellybeans October 7, 2015 at 3:21 am -

    I really like the pink watch – all are very lovely

  5. Liz Mays October 7, 2015 at 3:41 am -

    I’m loving the pink shades in watches these days. That’s my favorite!

  6. mail4rosey October 7, 2015 at 11:06 am -

    Different watches for different looks, definitely. I’m loving the Time Floats model.