Help! I Have Too Much Clothes!

Posted on Dec 13 2014 - 10:25am by Ronnie


I moved apartments this week… I had to get a smaller closet. I thought: “Oh no problem, I don’t have that much clothes anyway. ” BIG MISTAKE.

I NEVER realized just how much clothes I have until this week!!!

I have items in there that are over 10 years old… I probably haven’t even worn them in that long.

I have “fat clothes” – those items that I used to wear when I was 20 kg heavier (44 lbs). I’m not sure why I keep them… is it for memory’s sake? To remember how far I’ve gone in my weight loss?

I have “skinny clothes” from when I was a few kilos thinner. I can’t fit into them anymore… I guess a part of me hopes I will do so again.

Right?! How come we always feel like this?

How come we always feel like this?

I have socks that are so stretched out that they don’t fit my feet anymore… What a waste of space!!

I have shoes and boots that are in their last moments of survival. They are scraped and torn in pieces and are not looking nearly as good as when I first bought them. But I keep them in case I need them – I don’t have replacements for them just yet.

I’ve got junk and things that were gifted to me and I never ended up using or needing. But I keep them around in case I ever do, or out of guilt of throwing away something new and potentially useful.

The point is:

And you probably do, too – you just don’t know it.

Is your closet also overflowing with clothes you haven’t worn in years? Do you have any tips to help me get my closet sorted? Share below!

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