Everything You Need to Know About LGD 3303 SARM

Posted on May 17 2020 - 9:41pm by Ronnie

Have you ever heard of LGD 3303? In fact, it is one of the most prominent synthetic drugs in the family of SARMs (Selective androgen receptor modulators), insanely popular among gym fanatics. In spite of its recent appearance on the online market, this supplement has caused a frenzy.

It has amazing benefits regarding the increase in muscle size and strength, accompanied by gaining a nice muscle definition. Therefore, bodybuilders take it in the course of their bulking and cutting phases.

However, prior to making your first purchase, it’s crucial to be informed about its optimal dosage and possible side effects. Here is everything you need to know about the SARM named LGD 3303.

Its benefits

Probably the main reason why LGD 3303 is one of bodybuilders’ favorite supplements, originates from its incredible effect on building muscle mass and improving bone density. This drug would not only help you build stronger muscles, but also strengthen your bones to a point of enduring greater workout pressure. Moreover, it prevents muscle atrophy, which is extremely helpful in the treatment of osteoporosis. Read more about the causes and symptoms of muscle atrophy.

Another significant benefit of taking this drug, is improving the function of your metabolic system. It stimulates the conversion of fat into energy, thus preventing the storage of fat cells. Boosting your metabolism eventually leads to weight loss as well as an increase in lean muscle mass.

Furthermore, this supplement aids bodybuilders in gaining larger and well-shaped muscles, which rarely occurs when taking other drugs, due to water retention. However, this SARM increases nitrogen retention, which is vital for nice-looking muscles. Most importantly, they will keep their definition long after you have completed the cycle.


When it comes to dosage, the minimal dose of LGD 3303 to be taken per day is ten milligrams, whereas the maximal one is twenty milligrams. However, considering the short half-life duration of this SARM, which is no more than six hours, the amount is supposed to be split into two or three doses a day, in order for it to remain in your bloodstream. It’s particularly important to take a dose prior to your workout session.

In addition, the dose will depend on the bodybuilding phase you are in. For instance, in case you are in the bulking phase, you’d need a higher dose of twenty milligrams per day, taken in the course of maximum ten weeks. However, if you are in the cutting phase, you’d need a lower dose of ten milligrams in a cycle of six to eight weeks. Naturally, you are expected to have at least a one month break between cycles.

Moreover, owing to its suppressive nature, this SARM requires users to take a post-cycle therapy. It actually suppresses the secretion of testosterone, which has to be restored after completing the cycle. Visit the following link: https://www.medicinenet.com/high_and_low_testosterone_levels_in_men/views.htm to learn more about the symptoms of low and high testosterone levels in men.

Anyhow, not all users are keen on the post-cycle therapy, which is why some of them wait for the testosterone levels to be normalized naturally. Although it’s true that testosterone will get naturally regulated, a post-cycle therapy’s role is to speed up the process.

Possible side effects

Similarly to the other SARMs, this supplement may result in certain side effects, which are much less severe than the ones of steroids. As previously mentioned, the main side effect of LGD 3303 is testosterone suppression, which may result in exhaustion, loss of body hair, changes in libido, as well as mood swings.

Furthermore, as a result of low testosterone levels, men are likely to experience rise of estrogen secretion that results in gynecomastia. Therefore, upon experiencing any of these symptoms in the course of the cycle, make sure you commence a post-cycle recovery therapy, instead of waiting for the testosterone levels to be regulated in a natural way.

Making a purchase

Needless to say, the simplest way of purchasing LGD 3303 is finding a trustworthy vendor on the online market. Although you will come across a myriad of online sellers, you’ll soon realize that not all of them provide high-quality products to their customers.

Therefore, make sure you go through online reviews of numerous brands in order to see the opinion and rating of other buyers. Also, check if the vendor provides its customers with a laboratory guarantee of its products as well as a fair refund policy. Never purchase a supplement until you have checked the seller’s reputation, as most of them scam their buyers with low-quality drugs, harmful for one’s health.

Wrap up

Taking this drug will help you achieve your bodybuilding goals.

Remember to take the right dose and not to exceed the cycle period.

You won’t believe the results!

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