How Meditation Feels in a Place of Spirituality

Posted on Nov 15 2018 - 6:07pm by Ronnie

If you’re just beginning to meditate, you may find it a challenge. You may find it hard to do when you’re on your own. Even if you set up a sacred space in your home, there may be energy within the house that doesn’t allow you to focus.

Have you ever wondered why you can relax into corpse pose at the end of a yoga class? It may be that the yoga teacher is holding space for their students.

They offer a spiritual vibration in the space that allows you to just be. Now imagine being in a place like India, the birthplace of yoga.

The island of Koh Phangan in Thailand is a place of deep spirituality too. You’ll see people doing yoga while the sun sets down into the Sea of Thailand every evening.

Goa is another place of spirituality in India. It is by the sea and has been a place for soul searchers since the 60’s. Then you have Bali, which has been a place for spirituality for many years.

Why do people go to these places? There is a different feeling here. You can meditate in nature and really listen and experience the moment.

This is what it feels like to meditate in a place of spirituality.

You Can Sit for Hours in Contentment

Many students will do their yoga teacher training in places like Rishikesh India or Bali. Not only does it cost less for greater teachings but there’s a certain authenticity here. In Rishikesh, the Himalayan Mountains tower over you.

Mountains have a profound effect on how we feel. The air is fresh and you feel insignificant under their majestic presence.

In Rishikesh, you can also sit by the Ganges River, which is a sacred body of water for people in India.

You will feel welcome to sit anywhere in nature and just take all the beauty in. There will be many other people sitting in silence while the sun hits their face.

It is a place like this, along with whatever teachings you are getting, that you will learn to sit in silence. Thoughts will come up and you won’t allow them to disturb the contentment that you have within.

You might even think to yourself, “I’ll deal with that tomorrow.”

Others Around You are an Inspiration

When you visit a place of spirituality, chances are, many others have also come for the same reason. You will get the sense of others as their energy feeds off you. I once attended a silent meditation retreat.

Although we couldn’t communicate, there was a sense of what each other was going through. When you’re deep into a meditation practice, you will find that you’re more keenly aware of the energy going on around you.

You’ll get a sense of the people that are also near you. They are likely on a special journey and you can feel their kindness and compassion.

When you sit in meditation in a space like this, you feel safe, you feel protected, and you feel like you’re a part of an important tribe.

You Have Excellent Guidance

In deeply spiritual places, there are gurus, practitioners, and devout people that will guide you on your own journey.

Even if you’ve never meditated before, you are going to learn that all it takes is a little practice and a willingness to truly let go.

You don’t have to fly across the world to learn this. You can go to a meditation or yoga retreat in your neighborhood to get the guidance you need or start the basics on your own. Spirituality lives everywhere.

That being said, when you do take the opportunity to do something like a yoga retreat in India, you will find it effortless to stop thinking about all the little things that don’t actually matter.

This has something to do with leaving your home but it also has to do with the guidance you’ll receive from people who have devoted their lives to spirituality. You will feed off the energy and sit in stillness too.

The Sense of Love

The peace that exists in a spiritual place like an ashram in Rishikesh is contagious. You can’t feel the peace and calm that lives within the locals and visitors alike.

It is the nature that surrounds and centuries of people dedicated to spirituality that you can just feel.

Everyone that comes to a place like this has come for the sole purpose of doing yoga, meditating, and honoring the love and light that exists in us all.

When there is a sense of love around you, there can be no fear. Many times, our ruminating thoughts are fear based. This is where the ego gains its great power.

This is where we latch onto things and don’t let go. If there is love around you, you feel safe and you don’t have a million thoughts spinning around that can interrupt your meditation.

Meditation in a place that is deeply spiritual will change how you view it. You will begin to understand that you can create the peace in an environment.

The energy that surrounds you is a major component of how focused you can be. You will also understand that the energy you need for meditation belongs to everyone and nobody at the same time.

You may have an easier time creating the space to meditate at home when you understand that spirituality really is everywhere.

Maybe you’ll travel abroad to find that out or find that sense of spirituality in your own living room.

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