Transitional Dressing For Dummies

Posted on Jul 18 2016 - 4:28pm by Ronnie

Winter to Spring Fashion Transition - Step by Step Guide #wintertospring #fashion
Spring is in the air. You know a new season has begun when you leave your house in your usual attire – scarf, gloves, hat and heavy duty coat – and begin sweating profusely before you make it to the end of the street.

Stripping away the layers and letting a little spring in to your wardrobe is the most welcome feeling in the world after a harsh winter. The winter coat you’ve been forced to endure for months can happily be stored away in your wardrobe and you can, once again, begin to bravely take out light jackets, sun dresses and – dare we say it – skin-baring items you had banished, thinking you’d never see the sun long enough to wear them again.

While we know you’ll be ecstatic to get your spring on, it’s vital we warn you to dress with care. It’s still that funny in-between season, and peaking too soon could be disastrous. No one wants to find themselves caught in a March hailstone storm in shorts and a T-shirt! Fear not, we have the perfect guide: traditional dressing for dummies, guaranteed to help you navigate the dawn of springtime.

Rule 1: Don’t Lose The Layers

We’re not condoning gloves and duffel coats over cardigans and multiple socks, but layers are vital at this stage of spring. Pairing a leather jacket with a hoody or a denim jacket, adding a beanie hat and investing in vests and list T-shirts that can be stripped on and off accordingly is a great way to transition into spring. We love this outfit – it’s the perfect casual spring look.

look 1 - hoody
look 1 - jacket
look 1 - jeans
Bag - - Transitioning from Winter to Spring
Boots - - Transitioning from Winter to Spring
Beanie Hat - - Transitioning from Winter to Spring


Rule 2: Accessories Are Your Best Friend

At this time of year, great accessories are your best friend. Hats are key – they’ll keep you cozy and don’t look too wintery as long as you invest in a bright colour – but scarves are the super hero of spring time. Add them to every outfit for a guard against those cool post-winter winds. Swap winter tweeds and wools for bright colours and lighter materials and embrace that new season vibe. Here are some of our favourite spring scarf styles to inspire you.

Scarf - Transitioning from Winter to Spring
Scarf - Transitioning from Winter to Spring
Scarf - Transitioning from Winter to Spring

Rule 3: Don’t Strip Too Soon

Seriously. There is nothing worse than seeing someone in a T-shirt and shorts at the first sign of sunshine and later running to find shelter from an April shower. There’s a long summer ahead of us (we hope), so pace yourself and take it easy. Look to Rule 1 for more.

Rule 4: Invest In Sunnies

Sunglasses are probably the single most important piece of transitional dressing. They’ll carry you through the next few months, instantly updating your look and adding a little new season cool to your wardrobe. A new pair of sunglasses (which can be as cheap and cheerful as you wish) will guarantee you’re not left behind in a winter of discontent, even if the sun does only shine a couple of minutes each morning. Here are some of our favourite spring sunny styles, from Aviators to cat eye shades.

Sunglasses - Transitioning from Winter to Spring
Sunglasses - Transitioning from Winter to Spring
Sunglasses - Transitioning from Winter to Spring
Sunglasses - Transitioning from Winter to Spring
Sunglasses - Transitioning from Winter to Spring
Sunglasses - Transitioning from Winter to Spring

Rule 5: Get On Board With The Newest Trends

Use this in-between time to research the spring trends you want to invest in this year. This spring/summer, some of the biggest trends we are set to see on the highstreet include midi skirts, cropped denims, floral dresses and loads of white pieces. We’ve chosen a few to get you excited about a new season of dressing.

Cropped Denims - Transitioning from Winter to Spring
Floral Dress - Transitioning from Winter to Spring
White Dress - Transitioning from Winter to Spring

Rule 6: Get Excited!

OK, enough of all of these serious traditional dressing rules. In the midst of all of this planning and preparation, let’s just take a minute to get excited – really excited – for spring. Those tights and snow boots’ days are numbered. We can’t wait for Spring/summer 2016. Happy transitioning!

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  1. Run For Life August 14, 2016 at 1:22 pm -

    I can’t wait until we transition from summer to fall. I am ready for some cooler temp. I will have to remember to add some accessories to my wardrobe.

  2. Lisa Rios August 15, 2016 at 2:16 pm -

    I really cant wait for the Spring as it is really the best part of a year when it comes to weather. I always look for new trends when it comes to dressing & I do depend a lot on some stunning accessories that could add more beauty to my outfits!

  3. ParentingHealthy August 15, 2016 at 4:53 pm -

    My sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories and I am always layered 🙂