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Posted on Nov 2 2018 - 3:48pm by Ronnie

The ribbon is generally a textile tape, but it can also be made of plastic, initially used as an attachment element of several products together.

Often used in manufacturing and decorating textile products (garments, knitwear, leather goods, household textiles), ribbons nowadays have many decorative or symbolic uses.

Wearing such an accessory can be a fashion statement, as well as a way to build your own brand.

You can personalize your outfits by accessorizing the right ribbon, thus becoming a person interested in fashion and history.

Civilizations around the world have used and used the ribbon, as well as the ornament for hair, body, ornament for animals and homes.

Only if we refer to our culture, it is impossible not to find this element (ribbon) in any favorite port, regardless of the area, in any popular dance or ritual (for example, merry-go-round) or religious ceremonies. Click this.

Modern culture has introduced small pieces of ribbon, commonly called “awareness ribbons,” to draw attention to the various social and medical causes (issues): red ribbons for AIDS-related causes, pink ribbons for breast cancer, yellow ribbons (USA) for family members with members in the army, and black stripes with gold stripes (former USSR) for the celebration of victory in the Second World War.

They are widely used and in competitions or sports competitions in the form of lanyard ribbons, ribbons made of fabrics for hippie or dog contests.

And of course, we cannot forget the significant of personalized (decorative) ribbons in the packaging industry and the “gift industry.”

If you’re looking to buy any type of ribbon, take a look at FinerRibbon, which proposes a wide range of ribbons:

  • pure satin or double satin ribbons
  • satin acetate ribbons
  • Organza or velvet ribbons
  • Gross-grain ribbons
  • Woven fabrics

You can also personalize them and apply different finishes finishes (in rolls, hot cuts, bands, etc.) such as:

  • warm printed ribbons
  • Screen printing ribbons
  • Personalized thermal transfer ribbons
  • Ribbons customized by the fabric
  • Personalized Swarovski crystal ribbons

If you’re interested in learning more about ribbons, such as the way they have evolved and been used throughout history, check out this link: https://fashion-history.lovetoknow.com/clothing-closures-embellishments/ribbon

Ways to personalize

  • Embossed ribbons – Personalization is done by the hot-stamping method, with individual hot-dry dry ink sheets.
  • Serigraphy ribbons – Pencils customized by a serigraphic method with screen printing inks.
  • Personalized Thermal Transfer Ribbons – The ribbon customization method with thermo-transferable prints. You can get customizations in multiple colors.
  • Personalized decorations – It starts from yarns and gets a customized weave band in the desired colors. We have over 500 shades of stock in stock!
  • Custom Swarovski crystal ribbons – Customized ribbons, pearls, metal octagons that are thermally attached to the

Ribbons – Colors

  • Satin ribbons are probably the most used decorative ribbon in either the double face or the simple front.
  • A higher “stiffness” characterizes Satin-Acetate Ribbons.
  • A particular category is represented by organza ribbons (characterized by transparency)
  • Velvet ribbons – cough and velvety appearance. Can be personalized by hot embossing.
  • Cotton Ribbons – The herringbone custom cotton ribbons offer a unique look.

  • Gray-grained decorations are thick nylon ribbons. It is recommended for lanyard strips or custom hats
  • Woven Ribbons – The width, the background color, the customization colors are made according to customer specifications – 100%
  • Combined bows – For the pretentious, the perfect choice is the combination of various materials such as satin, tulle, organza, or velvet.

For a maximum effect and “volume,” it is advised to use custom twin bows.

Thematic ribbons

  • Birthday Days – Add your gift a custom ribbon with the message: “Happy Birthday.”
  • Day Name – Prepare in time for name days with personalized ribbons, whether it’s John, Mary, Helen.
  • Baptism – Marriage – For a baptism or a wedding, choose the right ribbon for the event and personalize gifts for guests.
  • Christmas holidays – Decorative bows for gifts or a Christmas It is the most awaited time of year for the little ones or the big ones.
  • New Year’s Eve Celebrations – New Year’s Eve Give your gift a customized gown
  • Valentine’s Day – Hello Valentine’s Day, give your dear person your heart in all possible ways – now printed on decorative strips
  • Spring Celebration – 1st March Celebration of Spring – offer your gift at the beginning of spring, personalized and with bows or decorative pieces
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – Add your gift a soul message placed on a customized band. Check out this awesome DIY idea here.
  • Easter holidays – Passes and custom bows for Easter celebrations. Along with the wishes of “Happy Easter,” “Christ Has Revived” add your logo.
  • Children’s Day – Offer your children customized beads, especially as today’s their day.
  • Halloween – Flowers, ribbons and custom bows “that “

Ideas for wedding preparation

Your marriage day will be legendary. So why would not the custom objects be on the same tune?

For your unique love, you can find below some proposals of personalized gift ideas dedicated to the moment before or just after marriage.

  1. Personalized mugs Mr. & Ms. with the characters Minnie and Mickey Mouse, or the names of the two lovers and the date of the wedding.
  2. “The love of my life” – for her / “The love of my life” – for him personalized T-shirt.”The Love of My Life’ for her or “Love of My Life” for him, are designs that can be applied on any textile material, but they fit best on a jacket, a T-shirt or a suitcase.Their messages are “I was not her first love, but I’m ready to be the last one. I look forward to getting married to the love of my life, my future wife (my future husband).Messages can be accompanied by the image of lovers, engagement rings and many hearts.
  3. A unique design created for a calm and relaxed bride. The text of the custom t-shirt is “Bride to Be”, and the bride’s finger can see the golden metallic ring with diamonds.
  4. The Bride and Bride’s Team ribbon. The bride can wear a ribbon with the message “The Bride” (decorated with a crown and a heart), and with her at the bachelorette party, for example, bridesmaids can wear “Bride’s Team” ribbons with a similar design.

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