Top Tips When Choosing a Diamond Wedding Band

Posted on Feb 26 2021 - 8:55pm by Ronnie
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Diamond wedding bands will most likely represent one of the most important pieces of jewelry in your life. This is why it only stands to reason that a significant amount of thought should go into choosing the right style and design.

While the majority of individuals will choose to include these sparkling stones within a wedding band, there are a handful of other variables to address.

Let us take a look at some advice so that you can make an informed decision.

Don’t Forget Your Engagement Ring

One common mistake is to shop for a wedding band without taking into account the appearance of the engagement ring. This can lead to issues if you wish to wear both at the same time.

A wedding band should always share many of the same external qualities found within an engagement ring.

Now, we are not necessarily stating that they have to completely match. It is much better to search for a wedding band that is able to complement the appeal of the existing engagement ring.

What About Sizing?

A jeweler will always size your wedding band in order to ensure a snug fit. Tight bands can be uncomfortable while loose rings may accidentally fall off.

The only possible issue is that the circumference of your finger changes on a regular basis. So, how can you accommodate for this scenario?

It is normally best to schedule a sizing appointment when you are not retaining water or (conversely) dehydrated. The professional will then be able to approximate the best size that you require.

Taking Real-Life Concerns Into Account

As you will be wearing your wedding band for years at a time, it will inevitably suffer from wear and tear. Keep this in mind when choosing the style, as very delicate configurations can become damaged.

Maintenance is another key concern. Highly ornate wedding bands (such as those which contain many embedded diamonds) will require more care when compared to more spartan options.

There are even times when the stones themselves may become separated from their settings. Succinctly, those who lead extremely busy lifestyles should consider more durable and subtle designs.

The Outer Appearance

Of course, any wedding band should be appealing to onlookers. Some individuals will choose a traditional band made of solid metal such as white gold, platinum, or silver.

Others prefer the scintillating brilliance of a band studded with diamonds around its periphery.

In fact, the presence of multiple smaller diamonds is becoming an increasingly popular trend due to the sheer number of styles that can be selected (heart-shaped diamonds, mixed fancy cuts, and baguette diamonds are three examples).

The good news is that many jewelers can now create three-dimensional renderings of specific designs so that you will be able to get a better idea of which one is the most appropriate.

Choosing a diamond wedding band is an important decision, so time and patience are required. Still, there is no doubt that obtaining professional advice will point you in the right direction.

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