Top Reasons Why Preserving Your Wedding Gown Now Is A Great Idea

Posted on Jun 19 2020 - 4:25pm by Ronnie

After wearing your gown all day, there’s going to come a moment before the day is over where you’ll need to take it off.

With this moment comes a mountain of emotions since you’ve dreamed of this day all your life and the saddest thought of all is that you’ll never wear that precious gown again. So what do you do now?

We’re hoping that you didn’t decide to just stick it in the typical old garment bag in the closet or even store it in a box somewhere in the attic. After you’ve spent so much time thinking about your beloved gown, and so many hours during fitting, we think you owe it to yourself to take the best care of it.

While you might not know it just yet, there’s going to come a day when you may need that gown once more and you’ll be glad you took the time to preserve it.

If you’re still unsure of the idea of preserving that timeless piece, let’s help you. Very soon all of your concerns, fears, and worries are about to be thrown out the window and you’ll finally understand why you need to preserve that stunning dress of your dreams.

Below are the top reasons why preserving your wedding gown now is a great idea:

Preservation Prevents Fabric Damage In The Future 

Preserving your wedding dress comes as quite a delicate task. However, the benefits are totally worth it. When you preserve your dress, you’re not only cleaning out all of those memorable spills and stain but you’re protecting it from future damage.

While you can store your dress on your own for the future, you’re not going to get the same quality 15 years down the road. Storing on your own can leave your running the risk of having the dress damaged by moisture or water that can easily get into your garment bag.

Your dress can even become damaged by those tiny hands that find themselves in everything or simply by the elements. When you use our preservation system, you’re never going to have to worry.

Your Dress Can Be Passed Down To Your Children To Use On Their Special Day

If you’re planning on having kids at some point in the future, there’s going to be another special day where your dress can be used once more in all its glory.

Very soon in the future, you’re going to sit and dream of the day that your little girl walks down the aisle as she wears your gown. While it may seem like an outdated practice or even a little silly, she would be very happy to have the opportunity to wear your dress.

By the time she’s ready, your dress would have turned in the perfect vintage piece. Everyone knows that vintage gowns are so much more popular and are seen as timeless pieces and if your gown is timeless and a designer piece, your daughter will want to wear it.

However, there’s still a chance that she may not want to but the idea is more than worth planning for. If she decides that this is something that she’s looking forward to, it’s better to be prepared and get that dress preserved right away.

Preserving your dress leaves you satisfied that you gave her the chance to wear your gown if ever she decides to.

Professional Cleaning Increases The Resale Value Of Your Gown

We can all be honest about one thing here, most women eventually sell their gowns for a number of reasons.

If neither you nor your daughter is going to wear it again, there’s nothing wrong with selling the dress. Selling allows you to get some money back and once it’s preserved, buyers are sure to flock to your location.

So trust us when we say that preserving your dress is the right thing to do. Even if it takes several years before you do decide to part with such a lovely memory, it’s better to be on the safe side.

Somewhere in the future, you may decide that selling is worth your while and you want to 3 to at least mint condition.

Depending on the overall condition of your dress, you can make a small fortune while making the day special for another bride.

As we’ve mentioned before, something as impeccable and beautiful as your dress will make anyone’s day. The price of designer gowns increases when they are properly preserved.

It’s better to have the value increased rather than decreased. Any bride wanting a designer piece will be more than happy to pay any price to have her dreams come true. 

Preserving Your Gown Allows You To Loan To Friends, Family Or Any Other Bride

If you’ve never thought of this idea before, it’s a pretty great idea to loan your gown in time of need. Life is unpredictable and you never know when your preserved gown will come in handy.

If a bride to be has met with a disaster and they’ve lost their dress just days before it will be truly amazing to pull out your beautifully preserved dress.

Even if you think it’s still strange, you’ll make any bride the happiest person if your loaning in an emergency situation.

While we never want anything bad to happen, the idea of loaning your gown isn’t farfetched at all. Preserving your gown will give you the opportunity to do something good for someone.

Sometimes circumstances leave deserving souls without. Preserving your gown for all of these reasons will surely make you the hero in everyone’s love story.

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