Weddings 101: Creating a Beautiful & Memorable Wedding

Posted on Mar 26 2020 - 8:58pm by Ronnie

Weddings are a celebration and as wedding planner to your own, it’s up to you to create a sensational wedding that guests will love.

For guests, it’s all about the entertainment. The most popular choices includes live bands, jazz, a DJ and even open mic nights. The more diverse the entertainment, the more innovative your wedding will be.

Entertainment options are endless – it’s up to you to decide what type is best for your wedding and guests.

Here are some great tips to help you plan a wedding that everyone remembers for years to come.

  • Getting an open bar is often very pricey if it’s open for several hours. For many weddings, it’s a must – guests love open bars! Consult your event hall regarding the various alcoholic drinks and selections available for choosing.
  • When you are shopping for a wedding dress, be imaginative and check out wedding dresses which are not traditional. If you really want to take things up a notch, consider a bridesmaid dress which is not as costly and perhaps just the thing you are searching for.
  • Incorporate ethnic recipes to get a distinctive wedding reception. Chicken white meat, red meat, and the like are offered at wedding parties on a regular basis. How about offering something more distinctive? The variability can provide your guests with another means to remember your big day.
  • Organized transportation can be a nice privilege set-up for guests so they can drink or even stay up later to party. This way, your guests can feel relaxed and enjoy their time to the max.
  • Get a fun and energetic wedding DJ. The DJ is central to the celebration, so find someone that vibes well with you and your wedding concept. Discuss the music you love as well as tracks you don’t want. Regardless of what, establish your needs and wants to refrain from frustration afterward.
  • Jazz is another popular choice. The music may have guests jumping out of their seats and enjoying themselves. A lot of weddings will opt for classical music, while others may choose alternative rock. This choice will depend on the wedding style. This is a great way to make sure that the entertainment is memorable and enjoyable for the entire wedding party.
  • Proper lighting may be misunderstood as an insignificant thing. However, this enables an intimate, low lighting function for your first dance, still keeping the vibrant lights you wish throughout the night. Discuss the lighting setup with the location manager. Do not book a place that does not contain the settings you desire.

    Proper lighting will also ensure that you get the best wedding photos which will keep the nostalgia alive for years to come. You should also consider investing in Wedding photo editing services so that you can readily share the photos with your friends and family. 
  • Another alternative is AV equipment rentals, so you can expand your search to halls or locations that don’t have the equipment available. This way, you can find a more affordable location but still have a fun wedding with great music and lighting. Rentals can include equipment for audio, video, lighting, and staging, so you’ll be set to have a great wedding!
  • For a creative wedding cake topper, why not get collectible bobbleheads that look like you and your husband? It’s a fun addition to the cake and will be a hit with guests. Plus, you can set it on display at home after your wedding, making it the perfect memento of your wedding.
  • Personalized items like wedding invitations and appreciation cards can have unique designs like old road maps or old-fashioned postcards. You may use old essentials to showcase memorabilia like pictures, wedding mementos, or programs.
  • Meet with a flower designer to determine what bouquets are in season. Blossoming flowers rich in your region will never be readily accessible in places that are warm and damp or frigid and dry, just like the Mediterranean. So weigh your flower arrangement options wisely!
  • Last but not the least, when you are conducting your wedding preparation, make sure that you are using correct and safe equipment for wedding preparation. You need to be using the right equipment for the food preparations, invitations, decorations, music and so on.

The tips and hints showcased here are the most important things to consider when wedding planning. Follow them and you will have your guests enjoying their time while creating a dream wedding to remember.

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