Design Your Dream Nursery for Your Little One

Posted on Jul 29 2016 - 7:20pm by Ronnie

Design Your Dream Nursery for Your Little One #baby #nursery

Once you find out you’re expecting a child, the fun begins with planning. Most parents want to create the perfect nursery for their new bundle of joy, but don’t know the best way to go about doing this. Turning a room into a comfortable and relaxed setting for the new baby will take some careful planning and time, but the end results will be worth it. It’s important to get inspired and be creative to optimize the space and make it unique.

Quality Wall Coverings

Dream Nursery with wall murals

Create a one of a kind focal point in the nursery with stunning wall murals. With custom wall coverings, you’ll be able to choose a mural that fits in with the theme you’re planning on going with, and you’ll be able to install the wall coverings yourself. You can choose from many designs and colors, and you’ll have the chance to customize them to your liking. Make sure you find wall coverings that you can easily remove so you can change up the room’s theme whenever you wish.

Create a Functional Space

As well as looking beautiful, you will also need the space to be functional. Rather than fill the space with rocking horses and tippees, instead choose a comfortable feeding chair. A baby name neon sign adds a stunning personalised decor piece and doubles up as the perfect night light, for those late night feeds.

Find Inspiration

Hollywood Glamour

One of the best ways to create a stunning nursery is to spend time searching for inspiration first. You don’t need to copy someone else’s exact nursery design; instead, you can use pictures of other nurseries to figure out what you want or don’t want in the nursery. Start making a list early on so you’ll have plenty of time to change your plans before the baby comes.

Play Around with Color


The color scheme you choose for the nursery is very important and should be well-thought out. Many expecting parents choose a gender neutral color scheme to play it safe. Some common color schemes are:

  • Tiffany blue and pink
  • White and navy blue
  • Brown and green
  • Black and pink
  • White and gray
  • Charcoal grey
  • Silver and white
  • Green and pink
  • Black and lime green

Choosing a color scheme means getting the chance to play around with accessories and creating a custom look. If the nursery has wood flooring, be sure to add a nice, soft rug for the baby when they learn how to crawl. Curtains make a big difference in how the nursery looks. Be sure to choose a blackout shade so the baby can have darkness when they nap during the day.

Get Creative with Storage

House Maida Vale

It’s amazing the amount of stuff a baby needs. Chances are, you’ll need some creative storage options to contain some of the baby stuff. Think of the future when choosing storage options and make sure the storage can be used when the baby gets older. Whatever you choose to store the diapers in can end up being a toy basket later on. Wall shelves are ideal for much needed changing table supplies such as lotion, powder, and nail clippers. Consider hanging closet storage to organize their clothes.

Have fun when planning your baby’s nursery and don’t be afraid to get creative. Start planning the nursery early on and be sure to get inspired by looking at the many different design ideas. At the end of the day when you unwind by rocking your baby to sleep, you’ll realize that all of your careful planning and creativity turned a regular room into a cozy nursery. Choosing self-adhesive wall coverings make it easy to pick a theme and then change it up in the future when the baby grows. Pay attention to detail when designing the room and be sure to baby proof the room for when the baby learns how to crawl.

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