5 Geek Wedding Themes that Need to Happen

Posted on Nov 21 2015 - 11:07pm by Ronnie

Geek weddings are all the rage right now – but not all geek fads have made it to the chapel. There are still many theme ideas that haven’t picked up steam. Personally, I’m just waiting for the day that someone gets inspired to adapt their wedding to one of these geeky themes.

Rick & Morty Wedding Theme

Birdperson and Tammy celebrated their wedding in one of the numerous dimensions of the Rick & Morty show, so why can’t you? (With better end results, I hope) Imagine the decoration options: centerpieces featuring Mr.Meeseeks holding flowers, guests dressed up as characters, dancing to the show’s soundtrack, maybe even have the wedding singers dressed up as Rick & Morty! This would be one of the craziest weddings to be created – an epic, unforgettable event.

SpongeBob SquarePants Wedding Theme

To my knowledge, no one has tackled the SquarePants wedding theme just yet. And that’s a huge shame, because it’s all there for the taking: SpongeBob wedding bouquets, wedding cake, cake toppers, ties… you can even find SpongeBob lingerie for the wedding ‘after party’.  Check it out below – click on the links to go to the source!

Fallout 4 Wedding Theme

Apocalyptic themed weddings tend to go the zombie route, so to introduce some variety, why not use some inspiration from the new Fallout 4 video game?

This isn’t a ‘thing’ just yet, but it looks like one couple was inspired by the Fallout franchise for their engagement pics. Now let’s just wait for the awesome Fallout-inspired wedding pics and invitations!

One awesome bridesmaid created this cake topper, and an Etsy artist created this invitation (although at last check, it was unavailable for purchase:

Attack on Titan Wedding Theme

Has anyone out there celebrated an Attack on Titan wedding? Gosh. I just want to see that happen. The groom can dress in Survey Corps uniform, complete with an olive-green hooded coat. The wedding cake can be a three dimensional maneuver gear. It would be so exciting!

League of Legends Wedding Theme

With the huge popularity of the League of Legends game, you would think at least one couple would have held a wedding inspired by the video game. But if my Google search is correct, there hasn’t been much more than an inspired proposal.

So what are you League fans waiting for? Make this wedding happen so the rest of us can enjoy your creativity.

What wedding theme do you want to see happen? Tell us below!

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