The Most Fashionable Wedding Themes

Posted on Jul 17 2014 - 5:45pm by Ronnie

This is your day! The day that you have dreamed of and the day that will soon become a reality, so why not take your wedding to a whole new level? Create a wedding with flare to match your style – an event that moves away from the ordinary – involves vision and planning.

And what could be more exciting than a themed based wedding? It’s a wedding that mirrors your unique personality and creates a mood that is entirely original!

The following are just a few extraordinary wedding themes that can be tailored to your special dream in a way that will be yours alone, to be remembered for years to come.

Vintage Wedding Themes

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Unusual yet fashionable, vintage weddings allow you and your guests to travel to days gone by, an imagined world that is certain to wrap you and your guests in nostalgia. Medieval, Victorian, Western, Roaring Twenties, and 1940-era weddings all provide unlimited possibilities for you and your guests. Details include your distinctive wedding gown, color choices, beautiful floral arrangements, clothing styles, standout invitations, and enticing menu selections. Features that can be incorporated in ways that will transport you and your guests to another age, ultimately suspending your wedding in time!

International Themes


If time travel isn’t quite right for you, why not consider a wedding “voyage” to another country… France, Africa, the Caribbean…once again the possibilities are limitless. Sail the seas with a nautical theme, dance on the tropical beaches of a Tahitian shore, get married under an azure African sky, or recreate the romance and allure of Paris on a moonlit evening.  Fun, excitement, romance, the day/night is yours; the potential is as vast and wild as the places your imagination will allow you to go!

Casino Themes


Create a casino style wedding in your home town, or beneath the neon lights of the Strip. Casino themes provide amazing opportunities for creativity and excitement. Tables covered with green cloth, centerpieces made from poker chips and cards, helium balloons in black and red… the stage is set for FUN! Servers decked out as dealers add to the atmosphere. Whether your wedding takes place in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Rio, or your own backyard, a casino themed wedding will create a memorable evening for you, your family, and friends… certain to make you a winner!

Fantasy, Movie, and Game Themes


However, if casino glamour isn’t quite your style, why not consider another realm of fantasy by incorporating a video game theme, like Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda, into your wedding invitation, cake decoration, and floral arrangements? A movie based theme such as The Hunger Games, or a classic like Star Wars, may also be right for you. Any number of movie or game themes will take you and your guests to a fantastic new level of anticipation and pleasure.

While weddings take place around the world every day at every hour, yours can be as special and unique as you are… something original, stylish and remarkable. With imagination and creativity an unusual, theme based wedding will provide cherished memories that will last a lifetime!

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